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How To Grow Your Gaming Account

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If you want to grow and turn your gaming account into something that pays the bills - this Ebook is for you. I've had many people asking how they can do what I do - so I've made this all-encompassing guide on literally anything and everything that will be helpful in taking someone from a complete beginner, to social media pro. 

What's included

This Ebook contains 60 pages of information guiding you through your content creation journey, from the very beginning to the end, and all the things you should expect in between. 

As TikTok is where I have most of my experience, I've made this Ebook with TikTok as the primary focus, but you can apply the information to other platforms as well. 

Topics covered in this Ebook include

  • Three key pillars to growing your account
  • What makes a good and bad video
  • How to gain more views and followers
  • How to monetise your content
  • How to build a brand
  • Growth from 0 to over 100k followers
  • How to convert followers to other platforms
  • Software and Equipment 
  • And much more!

Why should you buy from me?

I feel like after four years of experience creating over 10,000 videos on TikTok, across 5 monetised accounts, generating nearly £100k in product sales, and over a decade consuming social media content myself - that I know a thing or two. Here are the accounts I've managed to grow and monetise in the last four years. Three different niches to a total of over 800,000 followers combined - and that's just TikTok.

This is not a 'get-rich-quick' guide and is not suited to those who want to crank out mass-produced, faceless and voiceless or AI generated content.

I cannot guarantee that you will certainly be able to grow your account and make money from it, that all depends on you. I'm providing you with the tools and knowledge to do this yourself, provided you put in the work. 

The Ebook will be delivered to you automatically via email shortly after you complete you purchase.