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4 Day Programme

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4 day per week split, hitting either upper body or lower body in each session. Designed for those who can train 4 days per week or want an Upper/Lower split. 

The split is designed to run as follows:

Day 1 On, Day 2 On, Day 3 Rest, Day 4 On, Day 5 Rest, Day 6 On, Day 7 Rest

If desired you could train Upper/Lower/Rest and repeat, as long as recovery allows. 

What's included

Each of the Ebooks I have created contain a skeleton programme, to allow you to fully customise your sessions to your preference and the equipment you have available, as well as an example programme split using the skeleton as a template.

In addition to the programme, there are sections covering all of the factors to consider within your training and lifestyle, including intensity, volume, sleep, and recovery.

Each Ebook contains:

  • 100 page programme Ebook
  • 200+ video exercise library
  • Logbooking guide
  • Equipment guide
  • Food tracking guide

The Ebook will be delivered to you automatically via email shortly after you complete you purchase.